I need a real answer for this..its for real

  1. I need a real answer for this..its for real

    ok, I started taking celexa a while back for social anxiety and I swear to god, whenever I start, My pecs get smaller and smaller as time goes on. Can this really happen for some reason, or am I just imagining it, because when I stopped, it seemed like they started to pick back up again. I don't know what the hell would cause this, but wanted to see if anybody else did.

  2. Well if it's legally prescribed just ask your doc man, he'll tell you all you need to know.

  3. celexa has no chemical action to speicifically make one area of the body shrink. Are you a pec and bi man (I'm not flaming you here). Cause if you are then it's probably in your head.

    Ironically celexa has been known in less than 1% of males to cause gynocomastia

    I was on it for a couple of years, and from a personal aspect of what it did to me. I would drop it and run like hell. there are far better meds for anxiety disorder than celexa. And usually the one you get prescribed is sold by the rep that took your doc out golfing last week.

    If you want more info, pm me.


  4. Oh and one other side note, you should not be coming on and off sri's (celexa). If you do decide to take them, it's everyday. Targeting receptor sites with a reuptake inhibitor every once in awhile will only make your problem worse.

  5. Bro, trust fireman on everything he told you and PM him if you have any questions.

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