LG saying "whats up from Boot camp"

  1. Cool LG saying "whats up from Boot camp"


    I am on4-1 day of boot camp and thusfar it is pretty cool, doing live fire on monday, fire fighting in a couple of weeks, Battle Stations after that. And a whole bunch of good **** in between. My instructors are pretty cool so its al good

    Later for now

    Cameron Link, Seamen Apprentice, USN
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  2. Glad to know things are going good..

  3. Good to hear from you Cam. Good luck over there, keep us posted.

  4. Go get em Cam!! Good to hear from you brother



  5. Good to hear from ya bro, keep postin whenever ya can.

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  6. awesome bro, keep up the good work and drop in when possible

  7. how is he writing from boot camp?!?! does he mean basic or regular navy training?

  8. Cool LG. Try and keep us posted.

  9. Do they let you send emails at Boot Camp now? Damn, I got one call for 2 minutes at 3am on Christmas day, and that was for 12 weeks. It was colder than **** and we'd do about these things called 8 count body builders and it would get so humid the damn ceiling would start to sweat, then go outside and march for an hour...the good old days. Good luck kid, those ****s yelling at you aren't god, but for awhile they sure feel like it.

  10. LG sends an internet shout to the board?

    I remember my Army basic days...3 minutes on the phone with 60 other men behind me screaming for receiver time. Navy basic must be fun!


  11. LG, thanx for saying waddup. Hope all is well and even with the hard work, i wish for your happiness and health bro.


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