Dam Flu..

  1. Dam Flu..

    Wouldn't ya know The training is on,the diet is working your so focused your body is changing by the day..You just start a M-1-T cycle and after 3 days the pump is unreal.Now the bad part I got the flu so bad I can't even walk but some how im still working out,only small muscle groups.The thought of doing squats or deadlifts feeling like this will only result in injury.Well I just wanted to share this and to see if anyone else got the flu using M-1-T.I do not think it's the Test just that the Flu this year is real bad......Life is to short to be small...

  2. I've got a bad chest cold right now and still hit the weights hard. I know what you mean about everthing rolling right a long and then a f**king illnes tries to slam the breaks on your progression. This is the second time I've been sick on my cycle. Of couse it's not M1T, but my cycle is 14 weeks long counting PCT. Get well soon bro!
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  3. While I havn't taken M1T (yet), in all of my researching and reading it seems to me like a high percentage of bros get sick or experience flu-like symptoms while on it. Just wanted to let ya know that it might not be a coincidence...

  4. on the other hand there is a flu epedimic going on.


  5. Ive got the flu bad. I havent been able to work out for about a week and a half. I probably could lift but Im not gonna be one of those ****ers that goes into the gym sick coughing and looking like crap and makeing everyone else hate you for going in. Ive lost 9lbs in the last couple days ive been so sick. Cant sleep cause I cough so bad and I think im becoming addicted to robotussin. It really sucks cause I slowed down training the week prior to prep for finals and then this hits and im out another 2 weeks. The only thing I reccomend is doing some heavy stretching as much as possible. Going to the gym will only make things worse. and your bodies got enough to worry about so i think muscle growth will rank low on its schedule.


    get well, stay well, and dont look like a disrepectful ass by going to the gym sick as a dog. Nobody wants to spot the sick guy let alone touch a bench after they did.

  6. I had the flu real bad on only 10mg m1t. I felt great on the stuff days 1-2, but day 3 thru about day 10 & felt like **** all day every day. I had to take 3 extra days off training & it was even harder to eat. I only did a 2-week cycle & I really lost about a week of gains from the sickness. I did not great much in strength gains, I'm sure my lack of energy was part of it.

    I had written it off as flu season, but I think it's the M1t now.

  7. I got the flu 3 days in also, was stubborn and tried to finish cycle. To make a long story short. I wasted a 2 week cycle. I'm taking my Nolva anyway to avoid any sides that may occur and recover faster. I plan on a 3 or 4 week cycle at 30mgs ed in 2 weeks. I was taking 20mg and got no results but the flu was really kicking my ass.

  8. I got a bad cold on my second week of M1T. Stopped using it and got better. Was off a week and started another 2 week cycle. On day 8 caught the flu (bad) and had to stop M1T again because I couldn't step out of the bed much less into the gym. I thought I caught it from my kid but now I'm wondering....(hmm)

  9. I had the flu for a few weeks and was coughing up some real colorful stuff. I went to the hospital to find out it had become phnemonia.

    The doc told me that the flu should run its course in 7 to 10 days usualy. But there is always the chance of complications and having it become bacterial. I would suggest any who is coughing up brown or rust colored mucus to go get checked out.

    Just my two cents

  10. I actually caught a cold this week at a decent time for once...if there is such a thing. I was just in the last few days of a 12 week routine and about to take a week long break, which was just pushed to 10 days due to the cold.

    I usually fight with a cold about once per year and either 'work through it' or end making it much worse because I try to 'work through it'.

  11. ONKI, were you taking the M1T also?

  12. Nah I was lucky to get sick before I started my cycle.
    So now I have pushed it back till new years.

  13. Hope you don't catch the flu like I did. Good luck with your cycle!

  14. Wow it seems alot of us are sick out there...but I did squats and deadlifts today not my normal killer sets but enough to make me gag....Ya got to love it...I always said this sport is so bizarre you do not choose bodybuilding,bodybuilding chooses you...

  15. Keep in mind I bet we are at a much higher risk to get sick at the gym. Pretty easy to come in contact with germs there with everyone getting sweat and such all over everything.

    I caught bronchitas at the gym 2 weeks ago.

  16. Just now getting over the flu. I kept going to the gym anyway during the whole ordeal. Not sure if it was the best idea, but as soon as I think of taking an extra day off, I start feeling smaller. Anyway, it was the first time I ever had a coughing fit during a heavy set of squats. Almost **** myself, but instead I dryheaved for about 5 minutes, then recaught my breath for another 5 minutes. It wasn't pretty......

  17. I'm taking 20 mg of m1t and 14 squirts of 4aderm and feel great. Everyone in my house has been sick for the past 8-10 days and I seem immune..... Whenever I take gear it seems like my immune system gets a bit stronger since I can not remember ever being sick while on something and I have been doing this for many years. Guess I'm just lucky.

  18. I spoke to my doc this morning when I went in for a checkup since Ive been stuck with this flu crap for the last 2 weeks and since I was his last patient for the day he was able to talk for awhile (cool doc by the way he's only 27 and been around the AAS block a few times as a teen, so he says), Anyways I was talking to him about the flu shot and he said its to late for me since my immune system is already pushed to the edge since Ive been sick for so long and that the odds of me getting it twice in a year are extremly high. I then mentioned to him that I was taking a extremly potent PH/AAS before I got sick and that I noticed some of the signs towards the end of the cycle. He never heard of Methyl 1-test, but said that I may have never really had the flu in the first place if I was forcing my body into overdrive with my routine, the cycle and the stress of finals and work all compounded over a couple weeks. He said that anytime that your body slows down or stops produceing its own Hormones that many other functions may as well follow and your immune system could very easily be one. It all started to make alot of sense to me because ive been thinking alot about why alot of others on other AAS's get similiar reactions (like flu and cold syptoms: Tren Cough, Sust flu, test flu, etc.) This was my second cycle of M1T and the first time I ran the same doseages and was fine but this time I was so stressed out with finals and work the last couple weeks that I forced my body into sickness so to say. Whats funny is that I finished finals on wed and thurs I was already feeling so much better. Still got the damn cough though. The doc said Stress is one of your bodies worse enemies, Now if I can only get over the stress from the guilt I have for missing to weeks of the gym. But hey, I aced my finals and almost aced every class this semester.


  19. The flu is hitting people very hard this year. The medical profession can't keep up with all the people coming in, and pharmacies are having trouble filling prescriptions in a timely manner. My son was hit with the flu and cold. Had a temp of 101-103 for 5 days.

    I would suggest that if you get it, to stop training until it goes away. I'm not sure about ending your cycle of M-1T or a PH, but would think you would need to end this as well. The best thing to do to recuperate is rest. And, drink plenty of fluids such as sports drinks. You need the electrolytes to help rehydration.

    Just my 2 cents worth. Hope you all get better soon.

  20. I've been sick with the flu and god a chest congestion and spitting all kind of colors , been like that for 1week and half and not improving, im gonna go to the doc probably tomorrow and get something better cause those robitussin stuff is not working no more and im coughing like a madd ass.

  21. I got Cherratussin(generic for robotussin) w/ codine prescripts. The **** works for keeping the coughing down for a while, which to me is the worst part, especially when people look at you all crazy like your dieing or something.


  22. If you get an over-the-counter cough syrup, make sure it is the DM style. Generics are just as good as the name brands, sometimes even better. Also, look into taking Zinc.

    If you're hacking up discoloration, such as tan and/or brown, then it's time to go to the doc and get some antibiotics. If it's clear and/or green, the antibiotics will do no good at that time.

    You may also want to get a humidifier and place it next to your bed while you sleep. This will help with your nasal passages while you sleep, and you won't get all dried out.

    Hope this helps out, ya buncha sick whiners.

  23. I was coughing up brown chunks.****in gross,dont know if it was the infection or part of my lung.****in heaving that **** up,feels like my guts are going to come out also i hate ****in sickness.


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