Size guess

  1. Size guess

    Would you say that any of these guys have between 16-17'' arms?
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  2. I don't see how that pertains to the original question...

    It's hard to judge arm size based on a picture because over all height and arm/body ratio plays a big part in the perception of arm size. Ripped arms on a good physique look much bigger than arms with no definition. I've seen 16inch arms look bigger than 20inch arms until next to each other.

  3. That is true what jay said. I did not realize my arms were 15" until I went to buy some elbow sleeves, and had to have my arm measured. I thought they were smaller.

  4. but if you had to guess, would u say that their arms are close? They're all about the same height. What do u consider ripped? only below 10%?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by bigpoppapump2 View Post
    you gay?

  6. why does it matter?
    SFW and GFH

  7. This is one of the funniest threads I have seen in a while HAHAH!

  8. besides the bottom right hand corner pic, none are over 16inchs


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