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  1. body type

    How do you find out which body type or combo of body types you are?

  2. I always thought I was a ecto because I was relly skinny when I was young, but now i'm not sure. I might have just been skinny cuz I wasn't that physical and didnt like to eat all that much (a problem I FULLY got over now).lol

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    Look at your bone structure. If you have thick joints and can easily gain weight, ENDO. If you have small joints that make your muscles look bigger but you have to fight for every once, u are an ECTO. If your in between and muscular and lean, u are a MESO. That is a short explanation of it. If you have a combination of these qualities (like most have) then u can take it from there. I am an Endo-Meso, but lean more towards the Endo side

  4. This may give you a better idea of what body type/s you fit into.
    BTW I don't agree with their ideas on training or nutrition.

  5. Ectomorph here; got tiny wrists and ankles to prove it

    started out at 130lbs at 6'1

  6. what are you up to now bean?

  7. just under 180 at the moment i got to 184-185 during my last cycle and held on to all but 4-5lbs... then took a light break, lost about 2lbs... then gained it back
    it'll be 2 years as of February

  8. I got tiny joints, but I'm not skinny..


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