When is it good time

  1. When is it good time

    Well guys, it's me again with another question to see where your minds are at. If you had ED, or a vasectomy, when do you tell your new GF? Do you tell her very early in the relationship? Or, do you wait a few months into it to tell her? Granted, before you answer, take into consideration if the situation were reversed, and she had a hysterectomy or something that could prevent her from having kids (if you want any), when would you want her to tell you? let me share something with you guys: In my last relationship (thought it would last "forever"), my girlfriend I was living with, asked me to have a vasectomy. We tried BC, but her body kept rejecting them, and she was having health issues with them, so when she asked me, I did it without even thinking, I loved her and that was all that mattered. I don't regret it, but it was a tough thing to deal with when I became single again. I always had to worry about how women would react to the fact that I had done that. My girl that I am with now was really understanding, and she was glad I told her early in the relationship. She has a daughter, and I have a son, so maybe that is why it worked out like that. I still from time to time, wrestle with the fear or concern of if I am single again, the issue of having to deal with revealing to the new potential GF.

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    I had a vas. and told my current GF within a week. Not a good idea to keep things from her if she wants kids down the road and you know that up front IMO.

  3. A good time is right after she says she's pregnant with your kid.

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    A good time is right after she says she's pregnant with your kid.

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