Please welcome our new MODS

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  1. thanx everyone .

  2. Originally posted by raybravo
    thanx everyone .

  3. Originally posted by NPursuit

    BigPete- That tape was a big let down in case you haven't seen it yet. 

    I saw two different versions, they both sucked.. Looks like the Payal needs $500 from each newb..

  4. Originally posted by NPursuit

    Draven- Maybe if you weren't busy adding new features to your site every single day you would have more time to visit here
    What can I say, my title suits me well.

  5. Draven, what you weighin' in around these days?

    I got up to 182 natty, still got abs.. Now, I'm into my 3rd week of "The Project", and I'm draggin' around 186..

  6. Originally posted by Bobo
    Show them all the respect and courtesy you show me. Actually don't do that, treat them nice

    We are proud to present....

    - NPursuit

    - nsruffryder34

    - Scotty2

    - size

    - Manbeast

    - RayBravo

    - Sage

    - Whale

    Welcome aboard guys and glad your with us!
    Great additions. Congrats all.


  7. hell yeah, much congrats to all you bitches, well deserved and it's about damn time

  8. The only one I take exception to is Scotty.............LOL

    Anyone can become a mod over here.

    Congrats guys.........You too F&cko.

  9. oh..I am glad Scotty finally put his pic of for his's about time we saw the real man. LOL


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