Clarett caught sleeping during class

  1. Clarett caught sleeping during class

    Taken from ESPN site.. just nice to know there are some good student atheles out there

    Clarett caught sleeping during class

    COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Suspended Ohio State tailback Maurice Clarett is flunking two classes, including a physical education course, according to two letters obtained by the Columbus Dispatch Friday.

    Clarett has been warned that his failing or withdrawing from the classes would make it harder for him to be reinstated.

    A letter by athletic director Andy Geiger said an African American studies professor had forbidden Clarett from returning to her class after he missed at least five sessions and slept during others.

    In another letter, a university attorney warned Clarett that he was flunking a physical education course after he failed to turn in assignments. Clarett's academic troubles come on the heels of his suspension and a misdemeanor charge of filing a false police report about a burglary from a car he had borrowed.

    Geiger declined to comment to the newspaper regarding the letters, saying that federal law prohibits university personnel from revealing details about students' academic performance. Vannatta did not return phone calls by the Dispatch. Clarett missed five of the African American studies classes in September and October, Geiger wrote. Although his attendance improved, Clarett dozed off during a few other sessions, the letter said.

    "The university and the professor view this behavior as disruptive, disrespectful and unacceptable. Dr. Newton does not under any circumstances want you back in her class," Geiger wrote.

    In a letter eight days later, university attorney Julie D. Vannatta warned that Clarett was flunking a course in the "principles of physical conditioning." He had failed to turn in assignments, Vannatta wrote.

  2. SHOCKING! I'm beside myself

  3. he is so ****ing stupid it's painful. you'd think with all of the assistance he gets and the favorable grades he pass just doing minimal work, however he fails to do even that. Anyone here think he can't read? lol

  4. I'm with you on that one. Can't read...Also, he has Jim Brown on his side, yet another model citizen. The annoyance known as Maurice Clarret will soon be gone from our memories. ****, he's not even the best back in the Big 10. Anthony Davis (when healthy) and Chris Perry are both better than that primadonna punk.

  5. Student-Athlete my ass, he's gotta be terribly stupid to flunk out, he should learn from ex-Buckeye Andy Katzenmoyer who boosted his GPA with pretigious classes such as bowling, archery, and remedial English courses.

    I don't even study hard and I have a 3.2 GPA, plus I work 30 hours a week.

  6. Nah, clarett is more talented then perry is at running the ball, but not at catching and blocking. Watch him vs Miami and try to picture perry doing that, I sure as hell couldn't. A.Davis is very good too, he's a little small, but he's very good. Clarett is really young and when he realizes the world doesn't owe him **** and begins to work hard (if that ever happens) he will be something to watch. I still kind of miss watching him although he is a stupid prick who has no-one to blame, but himself for what happened.


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