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  1. Just registered and I am very impressed that you have these programs to offer users. Look forward to trying them.

  2. cool

  3. Interesting...

  4. Looks interesting...I'll take a closer look.


  5. looks good

  6. So much valuable info here looking forward to learning from you all...

  7. Kewl.....

  8. great

  9. impressive

  10. sick ****

  11. Great app. Just joined the site and looking forward to using it!

  12. Very nice.
  13. Wink

    The greatest feeling you get on this site is of course the pump!

  14. Great info

  15. Quote Originally Posted by T H E O R E M View Post
    oh sweet

  16. That's pretty sweet. Cool site.

  17. Nice one!

  18. Right on...Just got here and am already blown back guys... Good stuff...

  19. awesome, I was just building my own workout logging application. But, now I don't have to!

  20. thats pretty tight...thanks for the heads up..

  21. nice upgrade. maybe now i can stop using fitday.

  22. Perfect day for a great update


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