Bulking Diet plan/exercise plan

  1. Bulking Diet plan/exercise plan

    Looking for a good program to follow both diet and exercise plan. Currently 230 wanna be to 240 by December obviously as lean as possible.

  2. Do a google search for a macro calculator. That's a good place to start.

  3. I have a bf of 13-14 and don't wanna put anymore on while bulking to 240 and these calculators are shooting for really high carbs so I was just wondering if anyone's found a good one they like. Thank you!

  4. Personally when I am bulking I do not count calories or fat. I just count my protein and carbs while keeping fatty meats low, and no freid food. I aim to hit +- 10% of my target weight in protien and than I multiply my target weight by 1.8 and than I try to get +-10% of that. So if I was you I'd eat

    216-264gs of protein
    389-475gs of carbs.

  5. Found this one that allows you to tailor the macro ratios. I stick to high protein, low to moderate carbs, and low fat. My protein is typically at least 3 times higher than my fats. I've been having success with this. The majority of my carb intake is consumed intra and post workout. (http)://macronutrientcalculator.(com)



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