Weekly, stickied, stupid questions thread?

  1. Weekly, stickied, stupid questions thread?

    Just wondering if anyone else would like to see a weekly thread (cleared at the start of the next one) where people can ask short or stupid questions that they wouldn't want to make dedicated topics for?

    For example:
    Whenever I buy caps, they come with cotton wool in the tub. Presumably to
    keep moisture away or just stop things rattling around too much? Am I supposed to leave it in there?

    (If you're reading this, feel free to answer that one btw. I genuinely don't know.)

  2. Its to keep the pills from rattling around. Especially for pressed pills cause the more they rattle around the more they chip and break.

  3. Ah, of course. That makes perfect sense. Thanks fella.
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    We could do this.

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  5. I could probably fill up a stupid questions thread on my own, to be honest.

  6. Only stupid? Is the one not asked


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