Level II is coming...

  1. Level II is coming...

    All - for those of you that have tried the samples of Level II you now of it's potency and for those who haven't as of yet, keep an eye out. It will be hitting the shelves very soon.if you have any questions please ask. We are here to help.

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  2. Level II is a very exciting release. Having tried it and using it over the last two weeks, I feel this is by far a product will take the market by storm. Kind of like the old Jack3D or any of the original ultra concentrate pre workouts. I am no stim junkie. I have always sought better pumps then pure energy. That's why I have an addiction to Volatile.

    The energy from this is not like the old DMAA based products, it's much smoother, a better cleaner energy. Not jitters or crashing.

    I am mid bulk and at a walking weight of 237lbs. My goal is 250 lbs and I am using this as my pre workout, which may not be smart because it crushes appetite. But my Gym sessions are 2 hrs long so I need fuel to get me by. I eat an hour before the gym and used to starve about an hour in to my workout. Now I don't starve, I have a awesome energetic feeling, and feel very happy and just want to crush weight. So the benefit outweighs the negatives at this point. I have been toying with mixing agmatine and volatile to create a pump matrix with it. I think I have my line up ready now.

    1 scoop Level II pre workout with 1.5g of Agmatine and 1g Acetyl-L Carnatine. intra workout - 1/2 scoop volatile and 1 scoop endurance. Bam- you have a workout supplement regimen that will energize you, give you pumps, buffer lactic acid and even help you fuel your fat burning ability.
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  3. I'm really looking forward to trying this during my spring cut for an upcoming show in May 2014. I've heard some amazing feedback on LEVEL II
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