REM 8.0 review

  1. REM 8.0 review

    I recently recieved several sample pack of 8.0. Here is a review of my findings.

    First off i work nights and took this on my saturday and sunday night which happen to be wednesdays and thursdays. I normally go to bed at around 730 am and on my off nights try to go to bed by 4 so i dont sleep all day on my off days. Normally i get about 5 or 6 sometimes 7 hrs sleep no matter what and thats because i just wake up and tose and turn so i get out of bed and head to the gym or to get my son from the babysitter.

    So my first dose was on last wednesday I took a full dose at around 1 am to see if i could go to bed even earlier. I watched tv for about 30 minutes after dosing and then went to bed. I noticed my mind raced quite a bit which I have noticed when taking GABA solo before. Not to long but for about 30-45 minutes. The next thing I remember was waking up at 12pm the next day. I was quite groggy and kinda out of it for about 10 or 15 minutes but after that I felt fresh and energized.

    Second dose I remembered that a few people recomended the half dosing which i did try the next night. I took a half dose around the same time as before and went to be about 30 minutes later. I noticed that my mind did not race like the previous dosing and I went to sleep quite soundly. I do remember falling asleep that night and woke once of twice but that could have bee because of my son who kicks alot when he sleeps. Upon waking I was not drousy or groggy at all. My third forth and fifth dose were at a half dose and all similar to the second dosing with me getting a solid 7 or 8 hours of sleep.

    My last dose was a full dosing which was last night after the gym. My mind did not race as much as before but it did for a little id say maybe 20 or 30 minutes. Once again the next thing I remember was waking up today at 130p which was probably about 9-9 1/2 hrs of unawaken sleep. This time i was no groggy at all and felt energized and ready to go.

    I like the product and will be buying it for some more testing I guess you could say. I will probably stick to the full dose or maybe 3/4 to see if there is much of a difference between the two. I will just be taking this on my off days to try and get to bed a little earlier with out waking several times through out the night. So in review I like the product and would recomind it to others.

  2. My brother, I love REM 8.0. I work the same schedule. Wednesday and Thursday off one week and a three day weekend every other? 6pm to 6 am?

    I Rely on Rem 8.0 many times to help me sleep. Once I wake up during the day, I am done. I might as well get up. I will lay there and roll around without sleeping. REM 8.0 keeps me asleep. I usually take 1 dose and it does me well. I have heard some people say they feel groggy, but usually its when they are getting up 6-7 hours after taking it. If I sleep 7-8 hours I am golden.
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  3. Make sure you have at least 8 hours, seriously knocked me out at 9P and I didn't wake up till 7 the next morning.
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  4. Definitely some strong stuff, I always recommend 1/2 dose and if using a full dose, do it on the weekend just incase keyword SuppTalk Radio

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  5. Great review .. How can I accquire some samples ?

  6. I also scored some samples. I took the whole packet and was very sleepy in about 30min. I did wake up a couple times at night and was very groggy walking to get a drink. When i woke up in the morn i still felt a little out of it. This went away in 30-45 min. The sleep was amazing and very coma like. The next time i took it i wasnt out of it the next morn. This stuff def does what it claims. Good stuff from a great company. Thanks again for the freebees!

  7. thanks for the reveiw! ya like BB12 said you better clear your schedule in the morning haha


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