Var vs Clen and stacking?

  1. Var vs Clen and stacking?

    Also posted In anabolic forum but I'd like female suggestions.
    Very new here.
    Hiit train 5 days a week with weights for a year now. I've had great results but after 4 kids and considering my age I feel I hit a wall. I eat well but I cant seem to lose this last bit of fat and see the muscle I want. I feel I'm on the edge and need a push. I want to be tone not huge but defined.
    Someone suggested anavar but I also read clen was better for women. If I were to do either should I stack a cutting cycle? What do I stack with? what would you suggest. Or should I just not and explore alternative Avenue? All suggestions welcome! Thanks ! 😊

  2. I have a clen/GW log on the weight loss forum if you want to check it out.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Marcia View Post
    I have a clen/GW log on the weight loss forum if you want to check it out.
    Yea o will definitely check it out! What's it called?

  4. “Any interest in a GW/Clen log from Woman?”

  5. Straight forward enough lol thanks!

  6. Clen is by far more dangerous for your health while anavar has the potential turning a woman in to a man but it's very unlikely at low dosage and by quitting the Cycle if you notice viralization women are in general fine. Clen just increase your metabolism making you burn more calories.. You can run or cut down calories and get the same effect.. The other thing is that clen gains are hard to keep since you'd need to decrease your calories to keep yourself lean. Anavar will put on muscles giving your a more defined body and shape it way way more than clen. Oh and anavar will also help you lean out so 100% id go for anavar

  7. Two different tools here . Consider clen more of a very strong fat burner and var an anabolic . I don't think you'll get too much info here for women and would recommend really reading into the effects of each . And no var will not turn you into a man but you have to seriously trust your source if you go with var due to how often it is faked , had a friend get some from her POS trainer (which I warned her about) after a few days she was holding a lot of water and gaining size so I told her to get the online tests turned out it was anadrol , not to scare you or nothing just saying make sure you get it from a trustworthy place . Good luck ether way
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  8. Clen and var is liking comparing apples and oranges.
    Var will help you add a little more muscle.
    It wont cause you to add a lot of mass. It doesnt do that.
    It will help tone and tighten you up ,added strength and endurance. Will help with fatloss.
    Just make sure. Its real. And products are tested. Var is one of the most faked aas out there. If you need guidance please pm me. Hope this helps.
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