First cycle of Anavar

  1. First cycle of Anavar

    Hey guys

    Starting my first Anavar cycle.

    Currently 50kg and 5ft 2.. Workout 3 days per week targeting glutes mostly.
    Looking at starting with 5mg per day. These will come in 10mg tablet form and I will be splitting them in half. I will also be taking 30mg of Mk677.
    Ive read so many conflicting articles about dosage for women, this seems like a good enough amount for me and I don't think I would risk going any higher.
    Has anyone ever had really good results from combining these two at these dosages?

    TIA.. xx

  2. Are you sure that you want to do that as a women? Do you want to compete on any events? Do you know what steroids are causing if a women takes them?

  3. 5mg of var is a good dose (could work up to 10 eventually)but 30mg (especially to start!) is wayyy too high for the MK. Start the mk at 10, 20 absolute MAX and taper up... for me, the bloating at 20 was unbearable so just be cautious.

    Make sure you've got cycle supports for the var as well (CEL cycle assist is a good all-in-one fwiw)
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Product Rep - db77 @
  4. First cycle of Anavar

    for On-Cycle Support for liver damaging stuff, so nearly all orals:

    - milk thistle (silymarin)
    *take ~400mg silymarin 3x/day

    - NAC (n-acethyl-cysteine)
    *take 600mg 3x/day

    - liv 52
    *can be stacked to the other stuff, dont know the dose actually

    - tudca
    *most stuff is underdosed, for correct dose check —> tudca

    but better to be safe and take „too much“ liver support than take not enough and get your liver ****ed up.

    i hope you know all the possible side effects and some nice things that male hormones do in female bodies.

    good luck!

  5. Anavar 5-10mg
    Mk677 there is no need for any1 to go higher then 30. Most ppl don't go over 20.
    If I were you I'd go 10mg/day, 5 on 2 off.
    As far as liver support goes simply take nac or tudca. Anavar is very mild and liver toxicity is greatly exaggerated. I have used nac only for dbol and anadrol and was still in the normal range 6-8 weeks later.

  6. I will say that for a female unless she is a competitive athlete of some sort then it's foolish to put male hormones in your body


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