AnaBeta Elite + Erase pro for women?

  1. AnaBeta Elite + Erase pro for women?

    Hi! I am new here but seeking advice on this supplement stack. I am a 24yr old woman, 5'1 and 104lbs and have been lifting for about 10 months. When I started I was 94 lbs, but now feeling like I'm in a plateau with my strength and overall muscle gains. What are your thoughts on this stack for a lean bulk and are these products safe for women in generalName:  image1.JPG
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  2. Not sure about the erase pro but you should be gtg with the Abe.. looking great btw

  3. Thank you! Really hoping this is a good stack for me just trying to avoid any bad side effects

  4. I love Ana beta elite. You have a great frame to build on.

  5. Thank you! Yeah I've heard really good things, but again, not sure if it is female-friendly haha.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by littlelifter View Post
    Thank you! Yeah I've heard really good things, but again, not sure if it is female-friendly haha.
    That is something I can not answer 100%. I believe birth control can play a role in whether certain things effect women as well. Best of luck finding the answer!

  7. I'm interested in responses here!

  8. It should be female friendly, i didn't see anything in the nutrition label that wouldn't be. Most all of the ingredients are extracts. However, i didn't see any like hormonal precursors like DHEA or anything of that nature. Low doses of DHEA can be very beneficial to females improving muscle mass and libido while promoting fat loss. However, high doses can cause hair loss, acne and other negative side effects. But anyways, i think you'll be fine. They stack extremely well together. But i would double check with a PES rep to verify that it's female friendly. Hope this helps.

  9. You have a great frame. Iíve trained many females before and you for sure are doing things right.

    This is just my opinion, so take it for what itís worth. I wouldnít be focused so much on fat loss right now (seeing your body). Iíd focus on muscle mass with minimal fat gain. Adding muscle will def tone you up and give you the look I believe you desire.

    Iíd focus on diet first by increasing protein intake (amount and frequency). To minimize fat gain, you want to up your calories very slowly while keeping some form of cardio (HIIT is great, stairs...etc) in your routine but donít allow cardio to be the primary focus. Focus on weights for now. Take progress pics and if something needs to be changed in a month or two, then feel free to tweak it.

    But remember, always look to diet first and see if it is matching what your goals are.
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