Winstrol and vascularity?

  1. Winstrol and vascularity?

    Hi everyone I was wondering if anyone has had experience with winstrol or if you're on on it now eho can answer this question. I heard that winstrol can give you vascularity, noticeable veins especially when training, but I haven't noticed anything. I'm on a small dose of 10mg though. Can anyone confirm this or doesnit just vary upon the person and dosage ? Also, didnyou take any liver support while on it?

    Thank you 🙌🏼

  2. Hey FitAngie, I see you decided on winstrol after all.

    Vascularity varies from person to person and is also noticeable once you reach a low enough % of body fat.

    I personally notice extreme vascularity on the second week of winstrol.

    Any updates?

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