Laxogenin or follidrone 2.0

  1. Laxogenin or follidrone 2.0

    Looking for some feedback from women that have used either or both of these products. Looking for some strength gains and some fat loss. Train regularly and diet in check. Thanks!

  2. I would say Follidrone 2.0, I've used it before and it worked well.

    F2.0 is useful when wanting to gain strength and some muscle mass, along with fat loss.

    Lax is beneficial for protein synthesis and helps to reduce protein breakdown I believe. Not so big on the fat loss side but could be useful in fat loss

  3. I have a log going on right now for Follidrone 2.0 and it has been working great so far. Only on week two and already see some great pumps in my body with going above maintenance calories.

    Follidrone 2.0 Log - FEMALE
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