Cardarine (gw) safe for women?

  1. Cardarine (gw) safe for women?

    As per title, is cardarine safe for women?

    From my understanding its not actually a sarm and is non hormonal and stim free.

    Anyone actually used it? How do you rate it purely for its fat loss capabilities?

    Looking for my other 1/2 she struggles to very hard to loose weight and gains it quite easily. Despite eating healthy home cooked meals in a kcal deficit (apart from the odd treat at the weekend) and training 4 times a week for an hour (mostly cardio classes spin, body combat etc)

  2. Yes. Absolutely. 100%. 20-30mg a day is the typical dosing protocol. 10-20mg taken pre-workout, mainly pre-cardio, and you'll notice quick and surprising fat loss. Me and my S/O have taken it with ZERO issues and amazing results

  3. Enhanced athlete?

  4. I love cardarine. I have shorter rest time between sets because my cardiovascular is increased. It is also good for lower cholesterol and works to help lose fat but not a crazy amount.

  5. It's good, unless you've been on anything that affects liver values i.e. Damage. There's plenty of info on here about gw
    kept you waiting huh?

  6. Cardarine does not have any affect on your liver.

  7. Maybe I've expressed myself wrong, I mean if you have already damaged liver
    kept you waiting huh?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by fitfreak_CP View Post
    Cardarine does not have any affect on your liver.
    kept you waiting huh?
  9. Cardarine (gw) safe for women?

    That article is good but it doesn't state in the article how much GW they fed the rats.

  10. I found a great article but I don't have enough posts yet to post it

  11. If you are worried about liver damage you can easily fix it for cheap and take NAC, Milk thistle, and Tudca as well.

  12. I didn't care for it.
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  13. Quote Originally Posted by fitfreak_CP View Post
    I found a great article but I don't have enough posts yet to post it
    Hey don't get me wrong I love gw and I hope you can prove me wrong. All you have to do is look at past posts on here about gw.
    Pm me the link I'll post it
    kept you waiting huh?

    thanks to @fitfreak_CP
    anyone got anything to say against this?

  15. Thanks for posting for me @solidsnake. Appreciate it

  16. No problem buddy
    kept you waiting huh?


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