I wasn't sure if I should post this in the Anabolics forum but I figured I'd start here, I've been on HRT therapy for 2 years now because of all of the usual suspects: low libido, depression, zero energy, etc. My hormones simply haven't been the same since 1) I had kids and 2) since I went off birth control 2 years ago. Two different doctors have diagnosed me with extremely low test. I was initially on 200mg of oral compounded T and then switched recently over to injectibles (.1ML biweekly of test cyp). I feel great the 1st few days and then it goes back to normal by the 2nd week (all the strength gains I had during the previous week now gone). Based on my telling him this, he upped me to .1ML WEEKLY. THEN my bloodwork came back and the medical assistant told me doc was bumping me up to .2ML weekly! This was a bit of a surprise. Mind you, I have had zero sides from test cyp, just increased libido, better focus, and 80% less depression especially as I approach monthly cycle.

Question now is I was considering getting on var but I keep reading that women taking T and stacking var is a BAD idea for virilization reasons. I'm almost afraid to stop the T because I've felt so great on it (even better sleep) and swap it out for var because I've heard that there can be sides with var (cystic acne, irregular periods, unpredictable moods, etc.). I know it depends on the person, but I've been told I can achieve the same benefits I've had with T with var. I'm not totally sure I believe that.

My question is: is it possible to get the same strength gains with just T or if I truly want to build muscle mass without gaining a good deal of fat (which is always so tough for me to burn off when it's time to cut), I need to start with a very low dose of var?