Can women get pregnant after taking steroids?

  1. Can women get pregnant after taking steroids?

    There isn't much info around abouy this topic. I know for men they can become infertile but is it the same for women? And can you reverse it if so or will ivf definitely work? I just dont want to ruin my chances of having kids in the future.

  2. Depends on the amount you take, how many times and the duration. The same side effects apply for women as they do men but a little opposite. Hair growth, loss of breats, aggression and acne. Infertility is really based off your gentetic makeup and how much and often you use them. And if you are using shields for hormone replacement and liver detoxification.

  3. Yes, and I say that from experience with my wife.

    She and I were actually both on gear. She was on anavar and I was running Adrol/test e. About a little over a month after she finished her cycle she took a pregnancy test because she was having the cramps and felt naucious and ended up being about 4 weeks at that time.

    With both of us having been on gear and not fully complete with our pct it was about a one in a million chance at the time for us to be in that situation. But it is what it is.

    Just don't abuse it. The only somewhat safe steroid for women imo is Var. which even then you will experience the side effects as posted by dalspear above me.

    Good luck! Keep us posted!

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