Hi guys and girls,

I want to make a small cycle recomposition for my girlfriend and had thought about this:

-Ostar1ne olympus labs (mk-2866) 10 to 20 mg (tolerance checking) week 1-8.

-DHEA jarrow 200 mg week 1-8.

-Formestane brawn nutrition 1 pump (37.5 mg) 1 Day On / 2 Off week 1-10.

-Clen, zasten, taurine, tyrosine week 8-10 and 12-14.

-Egcg 400 mg, caffeine 200 mg , synefrine 40mg week 10-12 and 14...

Later inclure yohimbine 0,2mg x kg and 7-keto 400 mg.

-Balanced diet of carbohydrates protein and fat (hypocaloric).

-Anaerobic training four days a week.

-Aerobic training four days a week.

-Average daily steps 20000.

What do you think this cycle to recomposition?.

Thanks in advance.