Workout routine

  1. Workout routine

    So I just wanna get some other ideas for my girlfriend. She's new to training but was a runner during highschool and college. She's 24. 5'7" 130. Her main focus is her abdomen (obviously). Her struggle is going to the gym. Once she is there she is fine but it's getting her there. She only trains with me on the weekends because of our conflicting week schedules. I have her do a push/pull Friday Saturday split usually with some outside circuit cardio work after. Anyways, any of you women out there have any advice training wise for her? She wants to lose fat and gain a little bit of muscle. Right now she is doing heavy cardio 3x a week and weights 2-3x a week for short sessions. I set it up this way so she doesn't get burnt out on it. Her heavy cardio days she burns around 750-850 calories. Her nutrition isn't that great. She doesn't eat bad she just doesn't eat enough. She averages maybe 1500 cals for the day. She just isn't seeing the progress she wants so I want others to comment on here so she doesn't think I'm feeding her BS and being too strict with her on diet and training more. Thanks!
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  2. Hi there. I'm sorry my reply is coming so long after your OP, so I hope you get the notification.

    No advice that I or anyone else can give will do ANY good if her diet isn't 100% nailed down, spot on. She's also doing far too much cardio. It sounds to be like she is under-muscled at her stats (for reference, I'm the same height as your GF and I am 150lbs), which means that continuing to under eat (which she's definitely doing at only 1500 calories) and to do cardio so much, she's going to lose muscle and basically end up a more skinny fat version of her current self.

    She needs to bulk and she needs to lift heavy. Strong lifts, PHUL/PHAT would be programs I'd urge her to do, and you could do them with her. She has to have her own intrinsic motivation to do this, though. But she needs to understand that what she's doing right now is spinning her wheels, which is why she's not seeing any progress.
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  3. It is nice that your are worried about partner's health.. for beginner it is always better to have walking routine if she struggle going to gym. Also she should follow a diet which include more fiber content.

  4. I think 1500 calories is enough food if she wants to lean out. main things are
    1. clean up the diet (high protein, low carb)
    2. decrease cardio
    3. increase weights
    4. do leg lifts, side bends etc (since she wants to work on growing abs)
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  5. Workout routine

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