ephedrine for my girlfriend

  1. ephedrine for my girlfriend

    My girlfriend weighs 58 kgs she had a good figure but wants to lose all her excess fat, we have already ordered it we just want to know the dangers, how to use it and any good stacks as well as the ECA stack. And what should she be eating and drinking and what kind of excersise will burn the most fat. Sorry for being illiterate lol

  2. She needs to calculate her macros/cals for fat loss. There are a plethora of macro calculators online. Being in a consistent calorie deficit will be what yields results, not any supplement. She can eat literally whatever she wants as long as she hits her macro and fiber targets. She should be lifting heavy while she cuts weight. Has she lifted before? Is she a total gym noob?

    Honestly, I think you're doing her a disservice by immediately getting her on ephedrine. You should try getting her diet in check first before you implement any supplements. You're putting the cart before the horse here.
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  3. Exactly. You cant outrun a bad diet.
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  4. Emily is already strong get then half the men at the gym and way stronger than all the women and works hard. Her diet is the only thing holding her back probably

  5. Then get her diet right.
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  6. Weight loss / weight gain all starts with diet. Diet is the foundation for both goals. When all is exhausted, then start your supps.


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