I'm not sure where to start or where to post this but hopefully someone can chime in.

My wife is a personal trainer, uses a very reputable coach and her diet is anywhere from 90-100% clean and to the letter every single day. We both weigh out every meal, with the occasional date night cheat meal. We don't compete so we allow for those meals, and try our best to calculate them into our macros.

In October/November 2014 my wife's primary told her that her birth control was being discontinued and offered up the Depo Provera shot as an alternative, without properly educating her on the potential side effects. Her weight at that time wasn't bad at all, she's much leaner now with more lean mass. However within a month to 2 months on the shot her weight increased, while her diet remained consistent. We were moving across the country at the time so when we got resettled in our current location we got in with a new doctor here. He was very thorough and discussed the negative effects the shot could have had on her, which explained the water retention and the weight gain. She is now on Minastrin 24 FE since March/April 2015, the first month of transition was horrible and she experienced bleeding almost every single day for a month. She eventually became regular but now her weight is stagnant. She's not overweight by any means, in my eyes she's perfect, however her bodily goals are different and she wants to eliminate some more body fat and can't seem to break through this. She's 34 5'5" and 147lbs sitting at 19-20% BF. She keeps staying closer to the 20% mark and cannot seem to lose fat. Her coach is being very supportive and understanding but I wanted to see what other things it could be.

Could it still be the Depo Provera effecting her? I've read where it can take up to 18 months after stopping before a woman's hormones go back to normal. Could her current BC be effecting that as well? We unfortunately do not currently have medical so I thought about just getting blood work done through PrivateLabs and posting it on here, but wanted a recommendation on who to talk to on here with knowledge in this area. As far as physical health she seems perfectly fine but emotionally it's really taking a toll on her and most days it's fine, but some days you can see it really effecting her self esteem when she is seriously busting her ass to try and make changes.

She recently tried a cycle of Clen for 2 weeks on; she started at 20 then each day increased until she noticed sides. I had to stop her at 100mcg because she never felt any real effects from it. She got slight shakes at 80mcg but only for 30-45 minutes after ingestion, and was perfectly fine the rest of the day. She discontinued after 2 weeks and a taper off, but not a single change in scale weight, while her diet was perfect.

If anyone has any insight they want to share I'm all ears, thank you in advance!