First bikini comp

  1. First bikini comp

    Hello! So I was looking for any insight on this whole water cutting for peak week method. I'm five weeks out from my first bikini comp and my coach has me going through my peak week as a "test" run to see when I peak. The concern I have is the extreme dehydration recommended by use of OTC water pills, (expell) and drastically reducing water, so that by Saturday I will be completely cut off. Working in healthcare, I know this may pose a threat to the health of my kidneys, and at the least, won't this make me ill? I hate to doubt my coach, as so far I've had great results? But I hate to jeopardize my health! Thanks in advance and happy lifting!

  2. For reps 1-20 do everything your coach says, between reps 20-25 just listen to Jesus.

  3. Thank you so much!!!! This article is super helpful!

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