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  1. New to this...

    So I am eventually wanting to be able to compete in bikini/physique. I work out 6 days a week. I only do cardio 15 min of the 45 min-1hr I workout. I am looking to get rid of the fat. I do try to eat as clean as possible. My diet currently goes:

    Breakfast: 2-3 scrambled eggs
    Lunch: salad (either lettuce & ham with Italian dressing or a cobb salad)
    Snack: 1-2 boiled eggs or a protein shake
    Dinner: baked chicken with a green or eggs
    Post Workout: protein isolate shake with whole milk

    I currently weigh 132 & am 5'5. I am not sure what my measurement stats are. I am usually drinking coffee or water throughout the day. No sodas or juice. I mainly do the weight machines at the gym as I am sort of clueless as to where to go with the barbells and they are always taken when I go to the gym. I don't have a specific weight at the moment I want to get down to. However I do tend to carry in my belly & thighs. I realize now looking at my diet, that I am probably not near to where I should be with the amount of food I am eating. However, can anyone help with this or give me any advice to where I am going wrong? I just recently started back working out in the middle of December & have only lost 3 pounds. BTW I am sitting at a desk for most of the day since I am a secretary.

  2. New to this...

    Well for starters welcome to AM! Always glad to have more members! Especially women! (No offense guys) You are right, you're not eating near enough. I would start by going to and using their calculators to figure out your TDEE -total daily expenditure as well as your suggested calories and macros (breakdown of calories i.e. Protein/carbs/fats) for cutting. Also there are some great threads in the nutrition section to teach you the basics of nutrition. Here's 1--
    Nutrition and Eating Basics - Part 1

    As far as training the machines are a good start but I would most definitely work towards free weight exercises. You need a training program that includes the basic lifts. (Squats, deadlifts, bench, and overhead press) You can build from there. I would suggest a full body routine 3x's a week to start out. You can do conditioning or cardio a couple of the other days. Watch videos on YouTube to help you learn proper form. You can also start a log and post videos of you lifting so we can help you as well!
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  3. Thank you soooo much for your reply!! I figured I was eating too little. I just went on the IIFYM site you recommended and I am way below the amount of calories I should be eating. I will definitely go on youtube and check out some of the videos. I am going grocery shopping tonight to get all veggies and meats. I really appreciate your advice!!! Thank you!!

  4. Welcome to AM! Feel free to ask any questions you may have. Members here love to help out

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