Peptide Question

  1. Peptide Question

    Hello! I've just recently started researching the use of CJC-1295. Do any of you ladies have any knowledge of peptides? Doses, cycles, sides, etc.? Or even men who have female clients/girlfriends/wives? I just recently started my search and everything on a basic web search is geared more towards men, I'm just looking for female specific. I think my best bet is to talk to women who have tried it before so any help is appreciated!

  2. I have worked with peptides. I personally hated it, they made me lethargic, moody, and hungry. I didn't see any huge difference that was worth the side effects (tired and hungry). They are super sensitive and you have to be really careful when traveling with them and the timing of your dosing in order to get the best response. They are just a pain. Some people love them. Never hurts to try them out you might respond differently to them.

  3. I love peptides-- my favourite is ipamorelin. Injected 2-3 times per day, it helps to stimulate digestion, aid in recovery and sleep!

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