I have a women iam training who is 50 yrs old

  1. I have a women iam training who is 50 yrs old

    My trainee , her name is Shirley . She would like to know from all you ladies out there wat are the best ways to tighted up your core that isn't too extreme on her joints . I have seen some ladies on here with amazing bodies anything helps . Shes low dosing Hottie pwo by Lecheek off phwsupplements . She has the energy and focus but the "gauntlets"i put her through are a little extreme . Anything helps thanks !!

  2. I would take one of the ladies from work to the gym for about 8 months in 2013 or so. She wanted the usual, tight glutes, hamstrings,etc. We just did a great deal of weighted lunges, squats, calf raises and farmer's walk. Also, used the capt's chair for leg raises and crunches and simple 45lb plate exercises. She looked nice and tight at the end of 8 months for her 50 Bday.
    This is 1hr of workout M-F.

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