Best way to get extra lean for females?

  1. Best way to get extra lean for females?

    I have been training for around 2 years, only about 1 year seriously however. I've got pretty lean in the past but in the last 6 months have made great gains and progress with how I train. I'm pretty happy with my body and can now stay relatively lean all year round. I'm going on holiday in 3 weeks and would like to get EXTRA lean/cut. I've started adding in cardio like I usually would, but I've noticed my abs are slowly disappearing. I haven't started cutting carbs yet. Can anyone tell me why the definition in my abs is going even though I'm losing fat? If I train them they come back but just stick out rather than being more defined. Should I just keep going with the cardio? Do bikini athletes have to sacrifice ab definition for just really low body fat?


  2. Yes they did sacrifice, and they do whats work best for them. I also tried myself all strategies, and what best wrk for me is carb cycling. Dnt be afraid to experment, or else theres nothing happen to yourself either

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