wife enjoys lifting at home and running

  1. wife enjoys lifting at home and running

    On the other hand, has no set routine for lifting.
    Recommen d me a routine. If I don't tell her, she'll just go lift without proper programming.
    Her goals are lean to lean out an stay healthy. She's about 5'6" 145 - 150. 42 years old.
    Mother of two kids 6 and 11 yrs old (mine.)

    Don't get me wrong, happy she is out there but if she got on a program, she could take it up a notch.


  2. There is a community for teens on a healthy lifestyle and it has many helpful tools on there such as calorie counters, teen groups to join. This site has a lot of helpful information and also other people your age that are facing the same challenges that you are experiencing.

  3. Get her on a circuit type training. I get my wife to do a hiit/circuit type training that she can easily remember.

    10-20 sec rest in between. Squats/girl pushups/deads/standing military press/bb rows then she runs for like a mile or 2. She does it like 3-4 rounds. It's very simple but of course I'll be training her full on when the baby is old enough. That way we can drop the baby in day care for 2 hrs while we lift

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