Bulking time!

  1. Bulking time!

    Hey, just wanted to ask a bit of advice on here re bulking. Been training off and on for years with weights, but this time im going to make sure that I get somewhere, and bulk properly for the first time. Im going to attempt to attach some pics as my starting point.

    Im 5'2, weigh 109lbs, and 39. I was cutting on about 1450, and this week is my first week of bulking and am on 1700 for now.

    Im doing a split 5 days, and maybe cardio 2 x week.

    How long should I be doing a bulk for? Is 1700 enough or should I be upping it to another figure? or just keep on going and see how I go with the scale?

    My main problem as well is my butt. Its the worst part of me, and saggying a bit, will bulking and doing 2/3 glute days a week sort it out? Its just flabby and horrible !

    Thanks alot, sorry it seems a lot of questions!
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  2. As far as bulking, I am not at all a science guy or cal counter. If I am staying at my same BW, then adding just a little food can "sloooowly" make a difference. And in bulking (which is kinda of a nice way off adding some adipose tissue) or a bit more fat to the frame, if one does it slower and with good food, it gets easier to manage and we don;t end up just eating empty cals.

    If you add #1 or even #2 pounds a week to your frame, you are gaining overall BW most likely and in 52 weeks, well..., ahem I am guessing you do not want to gain that much!?!?

    Your pics look quite good to me and it does very much appear you lift/workout a bit. Some nice shoulder, arm, leg and waist/torso lines, musculature and separations etc..
    You do appear taller in those pics, than 5'2" to me...!

    As far as the glutes, bending exercises have always worked great for me ie: squatting, RDL's, SLDL's various deadlifts, certainly "pull throughs" very much burned my glutes pretty well too and they are not real risky and do not require much weight. Probably low row or some type of a cable station however. (when you squeeze the butt and help to upright the torso). I am not big on lunges but some here are and they can work too. You will most likely know what is working/hitting your glutes after a few higher rep sets ie: x10's+ perhaps and a few multi sets. If you are sore the next day or have a hard time doing stairs, you know you have worked them.
    Maybe 2x per week, but it is not always true that "more" is better. Sometimes it is the "quality" of the work and not the quantity.
    I am sure too, judging by your pics, you glutes are probably pretty good too, but we all seem to have parts on us we "feel" could be better or more aesthetic looking.
    Hope that helps a little!?
    All the best in your endeavor and goals...!

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