Program advice (posting for wife)

  1. Program advice (posting for wife)

    So…trying to not ramble… the wife’s looking to change up her routine & not sure where to go. Mainly, she’s been doing yoga, some sorta video, etc. Started on a Starting Strength style 5x5 3-day split, kept at it for a while but not really clicking with her. There’s tweaks needed, since she’s more interested in composition vs. just lifting heavy stuff (& she’s just not into the big weight low rep mentality)

    I've been training 5-3-1 for a while, had my first meet in Feb. Currently my program is:
    Day 1: Deadlifts - abs, speed squat work
    Day 2: OHP/chins - vertical push/pull work
    Day 3: Bench – rows (lots), horizontal push/pull work
    Day 4: Squats (PL) – Oly squats ATG, speed DL work, abs

    Do you think this sort of split would work for a woman or anything stand out that should be changed to better suit physique?
    I was thinking keep everything 5 reps & above on work sets, then got @10reps on the accessories?

  2. I think itd be great for her, man, if she's interested in it. Like you said, keep the reps a bit higher since she's not so concerned about strength obviously.
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  3. Thanks! Just yesterday she showed me this book: Strong Curves: A Woman's Guide to Building a Better Butt and Body by Bret Contreras

    First glance I thought it might've been some sorta "one weird trick" gimmick program, but it seems legit & has good reviews. I hear his name tossed around a lot in articles

  4. I highly recommend Strong Curves ^^^ to any woman. I've done one of the programs in there with great results.
    If you or your girlfriend wants to grow and lift the booty GET THAT BOOK!

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