starting a deca cycle....

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    Question starting a deca cycle....

    I will be starting a DECA cycle and would like to hear from other LADIES That has been on it.
    What was your overall experience, how long did you cycle, what and when did you pct, what type of results did you have?

    I am planning on taking 50/once a week for the first 3 weeks and 100/ for 9 weeks totaling a 12 week cycle. I know DECA can be used foe bulking and cutting.

    I'd don't want to become bodybuilder massive but i will be doing figure comp. So I'd like to gain muscle mass and lean down. On strict clean diet already.
    Looking forward to hearing from everyone.

    Also, what are your thoughts on taking an OTC fat burner (lipo 6) while on DECA cycle. Yes or no?

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    Deca and women= NO
    Women can however take NPP fairly safely.
    Is this your first cycle?

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