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    I have always wanted to be in body building competition and I am working out... I am a beginner and I have friends that are helping... Maybe I am crazy for trying but life is short.... I am 39 yrs old and I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis this last year and was told in January I needed to prepare for a wheelchair. I didn't like that idea I have to workout and do various things to manage the MS.
    I decided to go for fitness comps when I realized I was given a second chance, I already have to workout and I eat really well. I haven't lost a lot a weight but I have lost inches. I am tryin to do as much as I can at home and buying equipment when I can do to finances..
    So if you have any suggestions or tips I would greatly appreciate!! Especially tips on a calendar to organize my workouts.

  2. U can PM me if u'd like

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