Gaining back lost muscle

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    Gaining back lost muscle

    Hi everyone~

    I'm in the process of recovering from an eating disorder (I was never really bad to the point of hospitalization or anything, but I did restrict and stopped my period and had a BMI of 17). I'm sure because of all of this, I lost all or most of my muscle. I'm in the process of gaining about 10 pounds and I'd love to put on some muscle again, the problem is, my parents won't let me go to a gym or weight train or anything like that. I'm not allowed to do excessive cardio either--the most a nutritionist will let me do is go for walks. If I eat excess calories and a diet high in protein, can I get any of my muscle back with just that and walking? If not, is there anything else I can do such as yoga, or anything not done in a gym? I appreciate any suggestions-thank you!!

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    You cold try doing some pushups, dips, and body weight squats. If you have a calorie surplus and a good amount of protein then you should be able to pack on some lean muscle. The most importent thing is to make sure your diet is good and you shouldn't have a problem. Good luck!
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    YES! Absolutely! Maintain the high protein and low sugar. Make sure you get your good carbs in. (Think natural and possibly gluten free, sweet potatoes, etc.) Yoga is a great start! It will build your core. This might seem a little funny, but try to find a friend that plays golf and can teach you. Play a game a week or so and make sure you walk the course. I was in the best shape of my life when I played golf, it was a very natural, low impact muscle base. Specifically in your core, hips, lats, and the legs will come with walking and the position you're in when you drive.

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