Clen & women, needing proper advice! -

Clen & women, needing proper advice!

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    Clen & women, needing proper advice!

    Hi, first time poster needing help...
    Its my second time on clen,.i used powder first tine & got great results.
    This time I can only get a gel which is 40mcg/ml
    I was told to start on 1ml and by ens of cycle should reach 13ml but thats way over rec for women, im not wanting to die!
    I took 40mcg & got shakes, heart rate sped up too
    I wanna safe & properly so I need help.please!
    Im 23, 5.65ft & 80kg, goal is 65kg.
    I train 5 days a week & eat healthy...
    Please some guidance would be muchly appreciated!

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    Woah...13MLs who "told" you that? That's way too much. I wouldn't use more than 5mls period. That stuff is strong. Did you know its original use was for Horses?? Come on. Let's compare body weight! 13Mls is for a monster! Or a horse
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    I'm a relatively large dude and I *never* wanted to go above 100mcg of clen, I think the only way I'll ever try it again is in the "clenviscerate" combo with eviscerate... I hated the tweaky feeling it gave me alllllllll day (and night after a few days due to the long-ass half-life.

    -Saving random peoples' nuts, one pair at at time... PCT info:
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