any safe steroids for female?

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  1. Hmm, so what about Hdrol for a woman at very lose dosage? Say 5mgs a day for 30 days...thoughts? One of the guys on here from CEL mentioned a girl he knew ran it for 30-days (didn't say the dosage or her stats) with great success (again a qualitative descriptio) and NO sides.

    Thoughts? Just curious about this discussion as I see very little in the way of information regarding this subject.

    If my memory serves me, Hdrol is fairly mild as far as androgenic sides. Again sides are always dependent on the person taking the respective compound.

    "DUDE I TOOK 500MGs for 20 WEEKS WOO HOO" - I kid...)

  2. i thought women usually run var? not sure about hdrol, but it is pretty mild

    great story rommel LOL

  3. I think I would lean more towards the var type products. Those that are more like deca than test. I'm not sure what otc are similar to var. I like the test type products cause i'm a dude so I dont keep up with what's out

  4. hi
    what d you think about andriol

    it is as safe as anavar

  5. safety yes. but it aromatizes. which makes it unprefereble.
    andriol = TNE.

    Furazadrol clones could be considered good aas/ph for women. and its legal-"ish"




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