any safe steroids for female?

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  1. bein that i have experimented wit supplements, i would highly recomment HGH n anavar. best ****tail ever. just make sure u get blood work done cuz u def want 2 stay clear of hgh if u have been diagnosed wit any type of cancer or even if cancer strongly runs in ur family.

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    Isnt winny a derivative of DHT? Isn’t DHT the hormone that causes manly side effects in women? So would winny really be a good choice? Deca seems like a good idea. Also why dry hormones? Dht type substances have an antiestrogen affect. Could someone explain why avoiding AI’s is a must. Would a low does AI be ok as long as you control DHT also? Reducing SHBG seems like a great idea. What about activate extreme for a female? It has a slight AI in it. I like the DHEA idea also. Sorry for so many questions but I’m still learning about womens hormones.
    AIs can cause FSH imbalances in women, increasing their periods when you come off. It also can cause spontaneous ovulation. Not ideal. What happens when you use an AI you lower estrogen, and via negative feedback cycle - your body makes more GnRH yeilding more FSH. When your body produces high amounts of FSH- your ovaries get stimulated.

    DHEA is great, except a woman REALLY needs to know her body due to the fact that DHEA CAN aromatize and you subsequently would end up with more estrogen, so be careful. IF DHEA is an option go for a non-aromatizable DHEA derivative, as to minimize the impact on estrogen levels. I know I said DHEA before- but this time I would like to include the aforementioned caveat.

    Var has been demonstrated to be safe for a woman. However- KNOW your sources. It IS a heavily counterfeited substance- and you may end up with it cut (with another androgen) or completely mislabeled. This is also true for Primo.

    Once again be careful with T boosters- something like Mucuna should be taken with care, although it does favorably impact Growth Hormone levels, it also increases the release of GnRH- which would increase your " monthly female activity" in certain women. ZMA is also an effective T booster one may like to consider. Other non-hormonal gainers (Amino Acids) include Threonine and Leucine/BCAAs. Glutamine PWO has been shown to greatly enhance nitrogen retention.

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    I knew a girl that was becoming a guy. She was saving for the sugery but had been on Test for years. Full beard, big and buff, really freaky. I still have nightmares. She told me about how the other side efffect was an enlarged clit. I asked to see it. It looked like that thing that hangs off a turkey's chin. Like a piece of roast beef. Honestly, it was the most messed up thing I have ever seen. She went on to say that when she got excited it would become erect and she would have sex with her GF with it...kind of. Uck! Hey, I'm not one to judge, I have some issues too....but it is pretty weird

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    i am a guy... but my co worker and i were talkin about this, i toled her soem of the milder injects like winnie are easy ion hormones rathern than the hasrsh stuff. pls dont mention anvar we all know it works on females. any other stuff
    Winny can be agreeable with women in proper dosages, but by no means would I consider it a "milder" injectable for women. I've seen winny do some harsh things to females. There are lots of AAS that can successfully be used in females. It all depends on goals/experience, etc. Primo, anavar, winny, low-dose EQ and deca, and low doses of prop can be used with great results and minimal side-effects. Like I said, it all depends on goals and experience.

    But keep in mind, you're putting male hormones in female bodies. There is going to be some changes that aren't necessarily welcomed. What do you think happens to a man who starts loading up on estrogen? Same difference.

  5. maybe if my girlfriend took roids, she wouldnt flip **** like last week when she found my hormonal stash containing a bottle of usp clomid, which says "not intended for human use" on the label

  6. Hmm, so what about Hdrol for a woman at very lose dosage? Say 5mgs a day for 30 days...thoughts? One of the guys on here from CEL mentioned a girl he knew ran it for 30-days (didn't say the dosage or her stats) with great success (again a qualitative descriptio) and NO sides.

    Thoughts? Just curious about this discussion as I see very little in the way of information regarding this subject.

    If my memory serves me, Hdrol is fairly mild as far as androgenic sides. Again sides are always dependent on the person taking the respective compound.

    "DUDE I TOOK 500MGs for 20 WEEKS WOO HOO" - I kid...)

  7. i thought women usually run var? not sure about hdrol, but it is pretty mild

    great story rommel LOL

  8. I think I would lean more towards the var type products. Those that are more like deca than test. I'm not sure what otc are similar to var. I like the test type products cause i'm a dude so I dont keep up with what's out

  9. hi
    what d you think about andriol

    it is as safe as anavar

  10. safety yes. but it aromatizes. which makes it unprefereble.
    andriol = TNE.

    Furazadrol clones could be considered good aas/ph for women. and its legal-"ish"



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