progress hit a bit of a slump, some advice!

  1. progress hit a bit of a slump, some advice!

    After 3 weeks of huge strength gains in the gym, and just throwing more and more weight on, I feel Like I have hit a bit of a slump. I have been recording everything I do in the gym. This week I found it very hard to add or even push more reps than last week. I still have 2 more days to get to week 4, yesterday was my push day and this is what I do:

    1st set I do one rep shy of failure, 2nd set I go all out.

    Dips: 1 warmup set, 2 sets.
    Incline DB press: 2 sets
    Incline Flyes: 2 sets
    Close grip bench press: 2 sets
    Incline skull crusher: 2 sets
    Plate raises: 2 sets
    shoulder press: 2 sets

    The chest part of my routine feels good, where I am feeling more of a stall in progress is triceps. I have always had trouble with them. DO you think maybe 2 excersises for triceps after chest might me a bit too much? should I take one out? any other really good mass building tricep excercises? What about shoulders? any other great excersises that people recomend?

    I was also thinking that maybe my eating was a bit off last week, could that play a role on hitting this bit of a slump?

    The one excersise that has kept going up is dips, I added weight again this week. That made me pretty happy, DIPS RULE!

  2. Let's see Logan, You work the hell out of tri's when doing Dips, Incline DB, Close Grip Bench, Skull Crushers, and then Shoulder Presses. That's 5 out of 7 lifts that have a heavy emphasis on tri's and they are stalled. I won't say duh.....but lets just say thats probably the problem.

    What intensity level are you using?

    Iron Addict

  3. yeah guess that makes sense huh? hahaha, I should open my eyes a bit more.
    ok, well as far as intensity, my first set is very close to failure, the last set I go to failure and my spotter helps me push a couple of more out. I always try to give it my all, and pass my previous weeks results even if just a rep.
    It has been working well for me. But now I see the obvious, too much tricep work. What changes would you recomend? I love my 3 chest excersises, it's the others I would not mind changing or dropping for that matter. What about shoulders?
    thanks again for your help

  4. I'd need to know a LOT more about you to design a chest/tri/shoulder day.

    Here is what MINE looks like NOW, I state NOW, because I train quite a few different ways.

    Week one:

    Dips, 4 x 10
    Low Incline Fly 3 x 12
    Military Press 5 x 10

    Next Week I do:

    Dumbell Bench Press 3 x 10
    Close Grip Bench Press 3 X 10
    Lateral Raise 5 x 10

    Only the last set or two are to failure

    Many times I will only do 1-2 work sets to absolute failure, or 1 rest-pause set INSTEAD of the muliple sets.

    For ADVANCED trainees, or naturally strong guys I use a lot of rotating shedule routines like listed above where they do two different routines. For beginners or advanced hardgainers, I usually use fixed routines. I USE A ****LOAD OF DIFFERENT SET AND REP STRUCURES. These are all over the place from 1 set to failure, to pure volume work, dependant on the trainee. It all works for the right person during the right stage.

    Iron Addict

  5. we must be online at the same time. lol
    More about myself. I am 6'2 and my current weight is around 200lbs
    my body fat percentage is 14-15%. I have been trainning off and on for around 3 years, but it has been in the last 6 months that I have gotten very serious about it. I started off at 170lbs. Since coming from my vacation end of summer I have not missed one workout day. I am very focused and determined. I also now have a trainning partner.
    my goal is to bulk up through the winter. I eat around 200g of protein a day, and a hell of a lot of calories. All coming from pretty good sources.
    I have super fast metabolism.

    I have also started to record everything I do in the gym, always trying to beat myself every week. Like you said, you have to constantly force yourself to do more!
    My routine is a 3 day split, push, legs, and pull.
    if you need to know more just ask away. Thank for your help
    my goal is 210lbs by spring

  6. Logan,

    That's still nowhere near enough, and in all honesty if I write you a body-part routine, I gotta do it for the next guy, and the next, and the next. And I just don't have the time, as once upon a time on another board, I tried doing this as much as possible, and it took most of the day......everyday. I post lots of articles here and on other boards and if you will take the time to do a search by "iron addict" you will find tons of stuff and probably have a pretty good idea of how to better design your own routines. And if you really want one on one instruction, email me about personal training.

    Iron Addict


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