upper/middle back pain

  1. upper/middle back pain

    My routine has been going better than ever, but yesterday I think hurt my back somehow at work. I work in retail, I used one hand to slide a large amount of clothing down a bar by pushing it with my hand and twisting my back. Felt find then, but later at a bar, when I went to sit down on a stool, it just hit me. Pain on the left side of my spine, right between my upper and middle back. WOke up today and still feel that pain. Not sure if it was from what I did at work, that's the only thing I can think of. I worked my legs thursday. Today was suppose to be my back workout, my question is, should I do it anyways? even though my back doesn't feel 100% ? or leave it to next week? just take out dealifts? what do you guys think?

  2. LEAVE IT! Once in a injured weakened state it MUCH easier to end up with a much bigger injury, and trust me, if you REALLY ****-up your upper middle back, you might not be working ANYTHING for awhile. Whats better missing a workout or two, or getting a injury that keeps you out of the gym for a long time and possibly ends up being a long term problem. One of the biggest reasons many people fail to reach their poteintial is the little injuries they accumulate on the way.

    Iron Addict

  3. thanks Iron Addict, my routine is based on your posts, and it has been working great. So I will once again follow your advice and not work my back out today, just my abs. I'm on a role, and I don't plan on messing it up by making a small injury worse.


  4. I had a similar problem. I was carrying a light object (20-30 pounds) held against my chest when I got an incredible sharp disabling pain in my upper middle back, It happened again the next day and nearly crippled me. I had never felt anything like it and thought it was some sort of spinal problem.

    It turned out to be a severe muscle spasm in the deep muscles near my spine (Mostly on my right side).

    I believe it was caused by dehydration as I had just lost almost 30 pounds in a few months. Since I gained back 15 pounds of muscle I haven't had that problem, but it was quite scary at the time...

    Of course your problem may be something completely different. You should see a doctor.

    Good luck,


  5. good news, I ended up only working out my biceps and abs, and left my back alone. Woke up today and feel great, the pain seems to be gone, my next back workout isn't until friday, so if I'm still feeling this good I think i should be alright. Thanks again for the help

  6. I had a very similar pain in the same area a few weeks back. It happened while doing shrugs. On my last set, I reduced the weight to 225 to burn out. As soon as I picked up the bar, I felt a shooting pain right in between lower & upper back, about 2 inches left of my spine. It hurt a little at first, so I stopped & went home. By that night, I could not move without extreme pain. I iced it & took lots of advil, didnt help. The next day I got some muscle relaxers from a friend who had a similar injury a few weeks before. I took those for 2 days & it allowed me to move around, but still not lift anything.

    I took about 3 days completely off lifting, then skipped back day that week. I also skipped all exercises that required me to be standing (BB curl, squats, etc.) I just replaced anything that would aggravate it with a machine or a seated exercise. It's fine now 3 weeks later. I'm glad I didn't push it.


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