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  1. Pure Speed Programs

    im curious if anyone has any speed programs or any links to sites with speed information.. i was amazed at the lack of information on the internet (well free information) that pertained to speed training. im currently using iron addict right now as my strength and size trainer so i dont need help there.. but on top of that i want to read up on as much as i can about speed training and plyometrics..

  2. well i dont have any specific training programs as far as speed goes, but i do have some experience with foot speed training and such. i use stuff like this for football a lot, and it has really helped me. basically what i do is a lot of plyometric stuff, along with some sprints, and o-lifts in the weight room. my main things as far as plyo's go r the dot drill, timed jumps (just jump up and down for like a minute), timed jumps onto some type of platform, shuttle run, and some small sprinting exercises around cones while carrying a 30 lbs sandbag or two. for sprints i work on the 40 yard dash, and the 100 meter dash. for o-lifts i do a lot of powercleans, and hang cleans. all these things will really stimulate ur CNS and therefore increase ur strength in other lifts. u might also consider doing some sort of powerlifting style lifting program where u have a dynamic effort day for speed and explosion, and a maximum effort day for pure strength. the powerlifting style is geared more towards strength though (obviously) so it will be harder to put on size than with what u r doing now with IA.

  3. yeah i basically have that information as far as the plyo stuff goes.. like i planned on the 40, the platform jumping, the dot drill, etc. i basically want to learn proper technique with everything to improve my speeds in all of those. and im currently training under IA using a modified strength routine.. so far so good.. i mainly just want to soak up as much specific info as possible

  4. well all i can really tell u about technique as far as plyo's go is for running, keep a low center of gravity, dont clench ur fists or teeth, and make sure that ur arms r pumping straight forward, as probably 9 out of 10 people will pump there arms side to side somewhat when running. it kinda feels awkward at first, almost like ur pumping them to the outside, when in reality u will be going straight forwards and backwards with them. with the dot drill, i would say just keep going at it, work on the switiching portion of it the most, like when u switch from doing both feet in the hourglass motion, to one foot in the hourglass motion, its these transitions that really tend to slow people down. i would say once u get to a time around 45 seconds on the dot drill, u r doing pretty damn good. obviously for platform jumps, just try to increase ur reps for each timed session that u do. if u decide to incorporate some o-lifts into ur training (which i highly recomend), make sure u have a good coach to show u how to perform them.

  5. okay lets see if anyone has this info .. anyone know the dimensions of the box for jumping up and down on? I am going to have my stepdad make me one.

  6. Usually 10", 20", 32" and 42" in High... of course, you gradually move on the higher boxes as your vertical increases.

  7. so you dont know what most are? i would think 42" would probobly be best

  8. 42" is pretty high for just starting out. remember, u wanna go for reps here, so if u have to use quite a bit of energy to jump onto the platform, its gonna slow u down. what i would do is make one about 6-8" for really fast jumps and do like 3 one minute sessions on that doing as many reps as possible, then make 4 boxes that r 24", 30", 36", 42" or so, and line them up with about 2-2.5 feet between them, and go through the line, run back, go thru it again, run back... for like 3 sets of 5 or something.

  9. cool good info. another thing is, im kind of confused on sets and reps.. basically my 40 and vert. have to be outstanding for this tryout. i ran a 4.4 40 on the track in high school and i was weaker than a girl.. now im pretty strong and want to run that in the grass as well as jump into orbit.. but since i have been researching resistance training for so long i dont know how much is too much (overtraining) when it comes to doing all of this.. i want to do the 40, dot drill, and the jump-ups and cones..

  10. Join Charlie Francis' forum at www.charliefrancis.com

  11. excellent website! it lacks information on the 40 but ill ask some stuff and see if charlie can help me.. they are telling me ankle weights and plyometrics are NOT good for sprinting! made good sense too when he explained it.. now im really confused


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