ManBeast's Favorite split.

  1. ManBeast's Favorite split.

    Well guys, I wanted to post my basic split that I will be using for my cutting cycle for ya'll.

    So here goes:

    Sunday: Chest/bi's
    At first I alternated which went first until week 4 where I started to do 2 weeks bi at the beginning, and then 1 week chest, repeat because my bi's were lagging my chest in overall development.

    Monday: Quads/glutes/calves
    Yes... Just quads, and yes on monday when every f*cktard in my gym is doing chest day. And yes this was a quad-emphasis day for me. Squats, Hack Squats, Leg press (calf raises too), quad extensions.

    Tuesday: Off

    Wednesday: Tris/Hamstrings/calves
    Started with triceps every time. I now think the best thing to do Is rotate triceps with biceps each week, and also rotating which starts on chest day. Did SLDL and hamstring curls for Hammies . Also calves again.
    Week 1:

    Thursday: Shoulders/core
    I HATE my shoulders, they are a bitch to develop, so I wanted to be able to hit them HARD on their own, first, every time. I also like having the triceps be pre-fatigued from yesterday because it tends to take them out of the equation in a shoulder-based lift.

    Friday: Back day
    SO KEY TO HAVE, nuf said, besides, the pump in my lats helps me kinda-sorta have a taper if i go out (and yes... i can go out without drinking, I usually do).

    Saturday: Off

    I acknowledge that one of the best (if not the) training methodologies I have found is doggcrapp's method. But, at this time in my life, I require a 7 day cycle from this in order to stay sane and keep some routine... I am very much a creature of routine, but If you can handle the 8-day based split, for all means go for it! I will be incorporating his lifting theories into my split for sure though.

    -Saving random peoples' nuts, one pair at at time... PCT info:
    -Are you really ready for a cycle? Read this link and be honest:
    *I am not a medical expert, my opinions are not professional, and I strongly suggest doing research of your own.*

  2. Here's mine (this week):

    Tue- Hammer pulldowns, Bent-over rows, curls

    Thur- Dumbell shoulder press, Incline dumbell press, close-grip bench

    Sat- Leg press, squat, Stiff-legged deadlifts.


  3. 5 day split manbeast? thats too much

    3 or 4 days unless your 'on' IMO

  4. Wouldn't chest + tris be more of a complimentary workout than chest + bis?


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