new split base on IA and DC's articles

  1. new split base on IA and DC's articles

    My new split based on IA and DC's concepts

    -Deadlifts: warm up 2-3 sets, 2 working 10-15rps
    -Standing Horizontal press down (I don't know the name for this exercise): warm up 2-3 sets, 2 working 10-15rps
    - Flat bar curl or rope curl (alt. each wk): warm up 1-2 sets, 2 working 10-15rps
    -Flat bar shrug or behind the back shrug (alt. each wk): warm up 1-2 sets, 2 working 10-15rps

    -45 aerobic cardio

    - DB bench: warm up 2-3 sets, 2 working sets 10-15rps
    - Inc press: warm up 2-3 sets, 2 working sets 10-15rps
    (alternating which is first each week)
    -Skull Crushers or rope tri ext. (alt each wk): 1-2 warm up, 2 working 10-15rps
    -Sh. Press or flys (alt each wk): 1-2 warm up, 2 working 10-15rps

    -45min aerobic cardio w/ abs

    -Squats: warm up 2-3 sets, 2 working 15-20rps
    -Leg ext or leg press(alternating each wk): 1-2 warm up, 2 working 10-15rps
    -SLDL's or leg curl(alt. each wk): 1-2 warm up, 2 working 10-15rps


    -45min. aerobic cardio w/ abs

    Protein intake will be upped to as close to 2gm/lb as I can afford
    Thoughts, comments, critiques?


  2. Looks really good bro.
    Are your sets done to failure? What about your negatives, how many seconds?

    I have been doing something like that, that IA suggested, but rather 2 exc./BP. and 3 sets each, about 1.5 minutes between sets, and like 3 second negatives, also reps done heavy, but not to failure between 8-12. Along w/ a 3-day split. I'm going to see how things go, and might add in a day or two of cardio. So far, I'm getting good results.

    Maybe IA can give some input for you.

    Also, where are you working out your lats at? I dont see anything for them.

    All in all though looks descent, good luck.

  3. Looks like a little too much work to me, and too many isolation movements, and I don't think both chest movements are necessary

  4. Originally posted by babygetoboy
    Looks like a little too much work to me, and too many isolation movements, and I don't think both chest movements are necessary

    I dont think its too much. He's only doing 2 and at the most 3 different exc./BP And at that, only 2 working sets each.

    He stated that some exc. will either be this or that. Meaning that he will switch up the two from week to week. IE, DB bench one week, incline the following.

    IMO, this is a lot less than most are doing.

  5. I should clarify

    Jergo, I was planning on the first of the two sets being near failure, the second being failure, concentrating hard on 3 sec. neg, and 1-2 pos. After a couple of weeks (i.e. 4-5) I'm hoping to add some static or rest pause, but that remains to be determined.

    Also, I was planning on the two exercises for back an chest in each workout. This strays from the IA/DC articles so it may be too much. That is kind of what I'm looking for advice on. Note, I don't EXPECT IA or DC to coment on this as that could be the kind of personal advice they would provide in their consultation, if I don't see results with this I'll come calling, as IA stated his preference to those that try his article advice and still want more. I was thinking that since they are larger muscle groups that a second ex. would work well.

    Also, for lats, I'm open to pull downs instead of the ex. I don't know the name for (somenoe help me on that if you know). I chose that one because it seems to work back for me well, and it also seems to have some rear delt work to it CORRECT ME IF I'M WRONG ON THAT.

    BGB, this is a severe volume reduction for me. Add your input on where the overtraining happens as this is what I'm most concerned about.
    As always, thanks for the input an knowledge bros!


  6. Cool, sounds good man.

    I'm not sure about the name of that back exc. I'm guessing that its just an opposite motion of a cable lat raise if you were doing them w/ just one hand? I do those every once in a while as somone here suggested for rear delts. Seems to work well.

  7. Yes I think its too much you are now hitting 4 sets on chest in one day

    i do 3 sets on chest in 9 days

    just leave it with one or the other and alternate

    IA and DC know their stuff they wouldn't steer you wrong

    and as they said; this type of workout is SO FOREIGN that it will be very hard for people to "let go" of their typical volume workout

    just try it with one exercise for a set of chest and add another later if you feel you need it

  8. rps? do you mean regular reps or rest pause? with dc you only do one working set of rest pause

  9. Bean, good point. I'll alt. the extra back and chest exercises each week like the other groups and go with the two working sets for the week.

    Pinoy, "rps" was my abbreviation for repetitions. I'll most likely start adding eiter static holds or rest-pause reps after 5 or more weeks if I think I can handle it, but I'm not going to push it, I'll see how my gains and recovery progress.


  10. Cookmic, it doesn't look bad at all other than maybe the "standing horizontal pressdown" because I don't have a clue what you mean. You are mistaken about both Dogg, and myself. We are both more than forthcoming with advice and unlike many personal trainers we post routines we do and have others do. If I posted the routine I wrote the last person I trained you would havbe a great routine........for THAT person. A good personal trainer will structure a routine (withing the parameters heor she uses) based on the individual in question. Many trainers just tell everyone to do the same damn thing and quite frankly, they should be shot! Saying that routine looks great means that it is structured in a fashion that should work for a large percentage of the people using it (based on zero info about YOU) and is based on te basic concepts of productive training. If I were to train you, you might get something KIND OF similar, or could get something LOTS different. My routines vary a HUGE degree based on the individual. One of the online personal trainers has his routine copywrited. Know why? Everyone gets the same ****ing routine and diet. If I posted the routine I wrote for you, all the world would have would be YOUR routine. It might be WAY different than the one I would write for the next guy. One constant is about 90% of the routines I do are a chest/shoulders/tri, Legs/lower back, Back/bi's/abs. That is the best split I have ever came used. Little overlap, plenty of focus. Be conservative with the rest-pause and it should work well.

    Iron Addict


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