Training to improve throws

  1. Training to improve throws

    I play football, softball, and many other sports. My question is what/how I can train to improve my throws. I can throw a football much better than softball. I know the techniques are different when throwing the two. When I play softball some of the ladies on my team can throw further than I can. With football I can throw long spiros. Any suggestions?

  2. well, You have to work on your quick twitch muscle fibers. I do a lot of
    band workouts, (very) light weight rotator cuff exercises. this will strengthen you S.I.T.S muscle group. allowing you to generate more energy and power(force) to your objective for optimal trajectory.

  3. IMO its all in the legs. I too play softball and I (ok I admit it) used to be one of those chest/bicep guys at the gym who never worked out legs. Once I decided to grow some balls and workout legs, I found that my arm strength improved a lot. Just my experience.

  4. Hmm, may be it's the 'whipping' action. I do work legs, in fact, my upper body would be my weak point. I haven't worked legs in a while but they take no time to get back to shape. I will ask some experienced people to watch my techniques. People comment on the football throw...the fact that I have a good arm. But with the softball it's different.

  5. I also have to agree that legs are the key factor in eg. the shot putt and such. which I tend to do.
    Also with out the strength in my should rotator cuff region I was always blowing out my shoulder do to the amount of force I place on it.

    But yes the Power is generated in the legs

  6. Beleive it or not, a lot of throwing is all about technique. I have friends on my baseball team who have never touched a weight in their life, skinny little kids, but for some damn reason they have cannons from the outfield, and then theres me who is about 4x stronger than these kids in all areas and I dont throw as well. So it is all about mechanics and how much power you can generate with your throw.

    The main muscles involved in throwing though that you should work on strengthening are your core (abs, hips), legs, back and shoulders. Work on those and do some upper body plyos for explosiveness and work on your form and you will develop a rifle arm.

  7. flexibility has alot to do with it. think of how really skinny boys like tiger woods can hit a golfball farther than say me who can prolly bench 100 lbs more than him. its all about body coordination, weight transfer and flexibility. the


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