Deads vs partial deads?

  1. Deads vs partial deads?

    Which exercise fits in better in a heavy back routine?


  2. Isn't the bottom part of a regular deadlift mostly all legs?

  3. yes and no.. you use a lot of lower back in the movement.. at least I feel it more in the lower back.. I summo so that might have something to do with it.

  4. yea, when i do reg. deads. i feel em in my lower back throughout the whole ROM. in fact, i hardly ever feel them in my legs.

  5. i would say partials, taken from an inch below the knee. Allows for more overload in the weights. my strongest link on my body is my back (especially upper and the tie in with traps). i would credit this to partials.

  6. Originally posted by T-Bar
    Which exercise fits in better in a heavy back routine?
    Are you doing your back day seperate from legs?
  7. Re: Re: Deads vs partial deads?

    Originally posted by TooL

    Are you doing your back day seperate from legs?
    why not? I couldnt lift another bodypart (esp another part where i pretty much dedicate an entire lift session to) after legs. even a standard three day push-pull split would put legs by itself. its a preference

  8. Im just wondering, why do dead lifts on back day? Your legs are much more involved in the movement.

  9. I always do deads on back day, but then again I only do SLDL, focusing on lower back as much as possible. I should try partial deads sometime, always think I will and never do.

    I couldn't do anything other than legs on leg day either (except some ab work usually).

    If you want to focus on lower back though, I would try SLDL or partial deads, yes.

  10. Just curious. For you fellas that do deadlifts on back days. What do you do for your hamstrings on leg days? When looking at the biomechanics of the deadlift, strait or partial, your 3 hamstring muscles are used more dynamicaly where the spinal errectors are held in a static position in order to provide protection to the back. Fill me in on any thoughts.

  11. I only do 3 sets of seated leg curls for hams on leg day, the SLDL's take care of everything else IMO

  12. I do my deads on back day. I really don`t feel much in my hamstrings but I sure do feel it in my lower back for a couple of days.

    On leg day you can do sldl`s, just make sure you space enough days between back and legs.

  13. Im assuming the deadlifts you guys are speaking of are different than the traditional power/romainians I teach.

  14. Stiff-legged deadlifts are almost exclusively a hamstring movement.
    Normal deadlifts are an all-back, all-thigh, plus s'more muscles movement.

    Personnally, I do deadlifts every back workout as it works my traps and my spinal erectors very nicely. The big PLUS to remember about deadlifts is that it is a big growth inducer, just like the squat. This means that deadlifts, like squats, have the power to very significantly raise you GH and Test levels. Very anabolic indeed.

    Doing partial deads will probably provide the same amount of anabolic response, as you can probably go even heavier on partials than full deads. This has the advantage of not involving the hams/quads too much. It's a very good idea for anyone concerned with overtraining their legs... Especially if there isn't many days between their back and leg day.


  15. The muscles that work depend big time on the position of your lumbo-pelvic complex. If you stay on your heels and drive your hips back while keeping the lordotic curve in you lower back you should feel it mostly in the quads at the bottom of the movement. As you begin the second pull of the deadlift the hamstrings will take over.

    If you round your back and keep your hips tilted anteriorly just slightly you'll feel it mostly in the lower back. This however has been known to cause some uneven compression between the intervertebral discs.

    IMO deadlifts or atleast partial aka Romanian deadlifts are the best most functional movement you can do for the hamstrings. Leg curls dont do ****.

  16. TooL leg curls are very effective at developing the lower part of the hamstrings, where the SLDL doesn't work them very effectively. Remember that the hams are attached in the lower leg, below the knee, and in the lower back, thus spanning two joints, the knee and the hip.

    SLDL takes care of hitting the hip extensor function of the hams. Leg curls take care of exercising the knee flexor function of the hams. Doing both in the same workout just about guarantees excellent hamstring development.

    A lot of guys spend the first few years training doing only leg curls for hams, and when they discover SLDLs their hams just explode.

    I also believe that he full deadlift involves the quads, but in such a sub-maximal way that it is not detrimental to leg development... THIS IS A GENERALIZATION everyone is different of course.

  17. True luna, Im just bitter about everyone useing machines ALL the time for their hams. I feel theyre missing out on some of the best hamstring work they could be getting. Like you said, leg curls work the lower head of the biceps femoris, but thats it.

    If I were to pick one and only one hamstring exercise to do it would be deadlifts.

    When it comes to knee flexion I would prefer to use a stability ball. It gives the body more freedome.

  18. Well as it turns out, the rack doesn't go low enough for my partner to do partials cuz he's short. So, I guess I'm sticking with full deads for now.


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