I have just finished my 4 week cycle of 1 AD 4 AD (transdermal)

I was taking 600mg of the 1 AD, with 200mg or 4 ad per day.

Ive made good gains (strength and size) and have 6 oxo for my post cycle recovery.

Im 28, 5'10'' 215llbs, and around 18-20% BF.

What is the best type of workout out routine to keep my gains?

Currently Im on a 4 day split
Sunday- Leg
Tuesday- Delts/Tri
Thursday- Back/Trap
Saturday- Pec/Bi

So how many exercises should i perform per muscle group?
How many sets?
What rep range?

During my cycle I was doing between 12-15 sets per muscle group with the rep range from 6-10.

Ive read on the site its good to go less sets, so you dont tax your body while recovering, is this correct?
Can anyone give me any advice?

Any imput is appreciated.