static training

  1. static training

    M&F had an article on Static Training in this months issue. For those that don't know what it is, M&F outlined it as: warm up with two 10 rep sets of a light weight, holding each rep at the peak for 3 second, then a third set of a weight that you would normally use for 6 reps and instead doing just one and holding it for 3 second. Then you do 1-2 sets with the same weight and hold for 10-20 seconds, then finish with two drop sets with full range of motion. An example of a exercise this could be used for would be db lat. raises. It also suggested using it first in a muscle group routine one week and then last as a burn out the next week.

    Has anyone tried this, if so, what kind of results did you have? bulk? cut? overtrain?

  2. static holds isnt for neithre cut nore bulk. Its considered more a 'plateau' breaker. Pretty much a shock principle so could be used in any type of training program. I personally never have committed an entire workout to static training but off and on, will hold the contraction of an exericse, for an extra burn towards the final reps of a set. Much like flexing and posing between and after sets.

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