HELP with workout program please

  1. HELP with workout program please

    In need of some help designing a new program for myself.I workout from home but got enough weight and machines to do most things, however limited with leg exercises.I'm just wondering if it's beter to do a split program working muscles once or twice in one week.i'm currently doing:
    Monday and Thursday:Chest/shoulders/triceps
    Tuesday and Friday:Biceps/forearms/back
    Wednesday:Legs and Cardio
    3 sets of everything.

    program doesn't seem to be working i've tried a few others but none seem to work.Can anyone help.


  2. To be more specific if that helps i've just started doin this program:
    Monday:Chest and Triceps
    Tuesday:Biceps and Back
    Wednesday:Legs and cardio
    Thursday:Shoulders and Forearms
    Friday: Start Cycle again

    Any thoughts would be great...

  3. I did that same program for awhile and then hit a major plateau. So instead of working chest&tri's and bi's&back on same days, I switched to something like:
    With this routine when you work bi's or tri's the muscles are not fatigued from back and chest exercises. Anyway that's how I switched things up and it helped me.

  4. First of all, what are your goals? Cutting? Bulking?

    Here is my current split that I'm diggin'.

    Mon - Chest
    Tues - Back
    Wed - Legs
    Thurs - Shoulders
    Fri - Arms
    Sat - Off (Or cardio if I feel fat)
    Sun - Off

    I also do cardio 2 to 3x a week in the mornings. Currently, I'm cutting.

    I like this split for the simple fact that each day I'm focusing on one muscle group so I can really blast it without worrying about fatiguing other muscles.

  5. I suggest the HST method if you are finding that splits aren't doing it for you.

    3 full body workouts per weak
    Use compound movements

    Read up on it...back in the day I found splits didn't work for me but have found good results from HST

  6. Hey guys thanx for your suggestion, definetly gonna put ur ideas into practice it's gettin really frustarting at the moment.My goals are to pack on as much lean muscle mass as possible and just gettin fitter and stronger in general.i have changed my program up a bit now.I'm gonna try:
    Mon:Chest/ Back / Abs
    Tue:Legs and Cardio
    Wed:Bi's and Tri's
    Fri:Shoulders / Forearms / Abs
    Gonna see how that goes for a while but if not may get into that HST Program and see how that goes.

  7. Also just out of curiosity how are your programs working out for you guys are you constantly improving.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by chriso21 View Post
    My goals are to pack on as much lean muscle mass as possible and just gettin fitter and stronger in general.
    DC Training Method



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