routine question

  1. routine question

    Right now it consists of

    Mon- Chest/tri
    Tues- legs/bi
    Wed- Shoulders/abs
    Thurs- Back I work in the 7 rep range.

    Now would I benefit any at all by going 5-6reps and having the routine like this?
    5-6rep------------------10-12or 15 rep
    Monday- Chest/Tri------------------ back
    Tuesday- Legs/bi
    Wednesday- Shoulders/abs
    Thursday- Back --------------------- Chest
    Friday - --------------------------------- legs

    Iv always been training for a tad more strength that size, but its really getting to me now. I really dont want to workout on a friday (really really dont) and I dont want to lose the strength I got by switching the entire routine over to the higher reps with less weight. Would this at all be beneficial to me, or in the end it would really make that much of a difference in size?

  2. I train my back multiple times a week, but I do not have a ton of volume. In a week, I do 10-12 heavy sets for back and 5 dynamic sets. Strength training usually involves hitting the bigger muscle more frequently, but with less volume and rarely to absolute muscle failure.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys


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