Methods of curing an overtrained body

  1. Methods of curing an overtrained body

    Hey bros!

    I would like to hear everybody's opinions, thoughts, tactics to tackle an overtrained body. now, this is only after it has happened and muscle-loss, plateaus, etc. have taken place.

    whether it be taking time off, alternatining routines, ways of supplementation, etc.

    I always see threads on ways of preventing overtraining, but noone can ever be too safe and i thought it would be a good topic to discuss for those of us(as in me, hehe) that are in need of help.

    i am now in a situation where i am losing muscle, strength, and now the worst--motivation. i am going to take at least a week off and in the meantime, ill be trying to figure out ways to help myself out even more.

    SO, everyone post your thoughts/opinions here!!!

  2. i just started hst and in it you are suppposed to take 9-14 days off in between every 8 weeks to let your body heal--it worked for my motivation too

  3. Originally posted by spike1205
    i just started hst and in it you are suppposed to take 9-14 days off in between every 8 weeks to let your body heal--it worked for my motivation too
    Yeah, not matter what you are supposed to take 9-12 days off for HST every 6-8 weeks. It makes sense. With the time off the muscle will decondition, but not to the point it atrophies. Than when you go back on you'll acheive better muscle growth.

    For anyone interested....

  4. yea, i do HIT. its only human to take a break once in a while doin this type.

    however, i get depressed it seems when i cant workout. well, more like crabby and irritable. i just haven't really taken any time off for a while.

    the motivation i must say wasn't from an actual not wanting to workout standpoint, but just getting digusted.

    thx bros!!

    keep em comin everyone!!! waht about supps, routines, etc.?

  5. Despite what people on this board say and I believe Iron Addict will back me up on this but glutamine is about the best thing you can take for recover. This of course will not do it alone. You need to be getting more than 1.5 grams of protein per lb of bodyweight and optimally 1.75-2 grams per lb. As far as routines go what are you currently doing?

  6. Japanese masseuses, sunshine on the beach, get 2 girls in bikinis sitting on your lap...

    Osteopathy can work wonders too. These guys realign the bones in your body, and make you all relaxed and flexible. That can make 1 week off seem like forever... Hey, don't go so far as beer, chips and pizza now!!! :P


  7. If you are severely overtrained take 10-14 days COMPLETELY off, but continue to eat well while doing it. Then get started on a routine that doesn't overtrain you. There is no reason for this to ever happen if your routine is structred correctly. The most you should ever need is a few extra days of rest inserted if routine and diet are correct. EVEN when when dieting.

    Iron Addict

  8. hey bros!!

    a lot of good info here.

    i have been currenlty using a HIT method of training since i first started about 10 months ago. i went from 150-155lbs.--210-215lbs. in that little amount of time. all mostly muscle except about 10 or 15lbs. less now, since i began a couple 2 week androgen cycles. i honestly think that HIT is def. the way to go for me, although i haven't really given any thing else a chance. but why lose a good thing, right?

    i work out 3x/week. all exc. have 2 warmups, and 4 HEAVY pyramid sets ranging down from 8-2-1. total control and eccentric motion is the key for my form. for some excercises, i will do higher reps, supersets, etc. but mainly just stick to stimulating the growth mechanism.

    diet is excellent since day 1. it is a 30-40-30 ratio of P/C/F. currently consuming 5800 cals/day. also, im eating OVER 2g of protein/lb. of BW.

    im guessing since i have been doing this routine for so long now and not taking any breaks, that i am def. taking a toll for it. the occasional winter sickness this past winter was the only time(s) that i actually took a break. only cuz i had too.

    i have already started my break which will consist of 12-13 days off total. not doing anything, but continuing w/ my diet. i wouldn't be surprised if i actually gained a couple lbs. of muscle during this time.

    i could see it happening, but just didnt put 2 and 2 together.

    so, ill try the sexy babes on my lap, get a ticket to the beach, and get someone to break my bones hehe, and enjoy this time and NOT DRINK!!!!!

    any other supp ideas besides the glut? btw, thx lakemountD, im not too clear on the situation of hte glutamine thing either, but i still take 3 500mg caps of it mid-workout. also, im going to be buying some swole or v12 here shortly and see how it goes. i tried Phos-- HP before and did alright. i think ill load for the last few days of my break and then get back to crushin those weights again.

  9. well, today i had my first workout again since my 13 day break.

    since that time, i have noticed that i gained 2lbs. i might have even lost some BF? but the thing is, that i look smaller. im guessing this is from losing my pump, dunno. as well as about a 1/2" in some places.

    i had lost a bit of strength since my last workout, and it seemed that i got tired faster. the thing is, that i had been running short cycles for 2 weeks(about 3 of them) complications arose and had to cut them all short. i thought that i may have been suffering from low test levels from all the on-off BS, and started on 6OXO for precautionary measures.

    im in my last week of it, and im now thinking that the OT may have been in relation to the low T levels? any help on this?

    IA, id love to hear ur take on this bro.


  10. glad to hear your on the right track bro.. welcome


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